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what a class

I have never written or had an adventure that was worth writing before. As a director at a large hospital I work lots of hours. With my husbeen on night shift at his job our lovelife was a second consideration i guess.

As always the company was sending me to class for new updates. A weekend seminar of directors and administrators. On the second day of class i was paired with a administrator from a southern facilty. She was Slightly older then me, but still in good shape. Linda was a attractive brunette, about 5 foot 6, well figured and attractive. Myself i am 5 foot 8, brunette, shaply (With what my husbeen call a upside down heart shaped firm ass), small but supple "B" breast.

At that end of class that day we were asigned different parts of the regulations updates to present the next day as a team.Linda suggested we get dinner then go to her suite to prepare. At dinner we chatted and she was another victem of work divorce. Her Kids we're grown so her life was work. We joked about our staff being our mistresses. During dinner we had shared a bottle of wine and as the meal ended it was time for work.I pardoned myselfto my room to put on "comfies". So i grabbed a quick shower and threw on sweats to be more comfortable. When i got to Linda's suite she had showered and was wearing a robe. She had ordered another bottle of wine.

We worked for about three hours and had pretty much beat the subject to death. Linda said "Enough" and grabbed the TV remote as she surfed the channels I suggested one more bottle of wine and she agreed. after about a half hour of channel changing she stubbled on in house "Porn".

She giggled and smiled "Oh god, I haven't watched any porn since college". I devulged that I used it sometime to set the mood for my husband. "Shit i can't remember the last time I had to set the mood for anyone" She Laughed. I Guess the wine had me feeling pretty good cause I said "Hell the last time I got laid was over a year ago".

Things got quiet as we sat and watched after about fifteen minutes i relized that i was getting pretty wet and the fact i didn't have panties on my sweats were getting wet. Don't get me wrong i had though about other women at time but had never been with one. As i feel my face blush I all the sudden became aware that Linda was busy pleasing herself. I Guess i was staring when linda Brought me back to the present as i relized she was smiling at me.

Without another word she took her fingers away from her own pussy and licked them, then gently touched the side of my face and led me into a kiss that sent shockwaves of passion straight to my pussy. I guess the wine toke away my inhabitions as we embraced in a flood of kisses her hands were under my sweat top carressing and pinching my now rock hard nipples. After what seened like forever but i am sure was only seconds she pulle my top over my head and threw it to the floor. As she suckled my nipples i was already having small eruptions of cum shooting out of me all over my thights. I had never carrested another womans breast but my hand wear alive with the excitement of linda Firm C cups with quarter size nipples. As i pushed her back i couldn't believe how much i wanted to taste her breast and so much more.

As I suckled and flicked her nipples linda slid her hand down acrossed my stomach and under the waistband of my sweat pants that were now soaked with my own juices. She slid her fingers across the wettnes and my lips opened begging for more. She had bearly touched my clit as the most powerful orgasm i had ever felt threw me into a seizure of thrashing. I could not believe my own words as I practly sreamed. "Eat Me, Fuck me Pleeeease,OOOHHH Shit". Linda waisted no time pulling my sweatpants off and throwing then accross the room. As she fingered my clit her tounge started to explore me and I started thrashing as wave after wave of orgasm threw me around that heavenly bed. I must have orgasmed twenty times as she fingered and licked me. after about a hour. i started to regain myself and was not to be out done.

I pushed linda almost throwning her on to her back and with a hunger i was on her sweat wet pussy sucking and nibbling her clit,sucking it hard and deap in my mouth.My fingers first one then two were thrusting at her till she was screaming first in passion then for mercy, but i was determind to make her as spent as i was and followed her even as she clawled off the bed to the floor. After we were both carpet burnt and spent we laid there kissing and carressing.

As we laid There Linda said "Oh my god i have never done that with another woman". I comfided that it was a first for me also. after awhile we showered together and that led to another encounter.

We enjoied each onther till the alarm clock reminded us we had to go back to reality. Even Now as I write I find Myself masterbating to the though of that night. With a though that I will meet Linda at anouther Class next year.
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